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Katy, Texas’ Premier Pallet Sales And Supply

Among the most comprehensive selections of wood pallet sales and supply in Katy, Texas. Katy Pallets LLC can supply you with new, recycled, heat-treated, and custom pallets in the Katy area quickly and efficiently.

Why Palletize?

Northwest Katy’s Premier Pallet Sales And Supply

The palletization of goods provides many benefits for supply chain operations. Move one box at a time or up to one hundred? Pallets were largely accepted to be one of the greatest innovations of the Twentieth Century.

Then as now, the use of pallets as a base for unit loads offers a number of benefits versus unpalletized handling that result from the more efficient handling of goods.

The 5 Benefits of Palletizing Using Pallets From Katy Pallets LLC

  • Quicker Handling – Palletized products can be moved more quickly, require less labor, and speed up the delivery of your products.
  • More Efficient – Products are moved more efficiently and stored more efficiently in warehouses.
  • Reduced Risks ​- Palletized products have a lower risk of damage due to handling, provide less risk of worker injury, and can hold more products and heavier products without the risk of breaking.
  • Easier To Transport Products ​- A single pallet with several products is easier to manage and keep track of and compared to other styles of unit load bases that may require specialized equipment, the universal sizes and shapes of pallets can be lifted and stacked by forklifts and jacks.
  • Products Kept Safe​ – Pallets keep products off the ground, away from standing water, dirt, and debris. They provide proper drainage and circulation, so even perishable items such as fresh produce are kept safe and stay fresh longer.

And that is why you need…

You Need Pallet Sales And Supply From Katy Pallets LLC

Katy Pallets LLC offers what every buyer is looking for in a new pallet…a consistent, quality pallet at a competitive, stable price. We accomplish this standard by processing 95% of our own pallet components. We also operate automated assembling machines with the capability of building high volumes of pallets with consistency and accuracy. Smaller volume pallets and specialty items are built by well trained, experienced team members. We are your consistent and reliable pallet supplier.

The Katy Pallets LLC Mission

Our mission is simple… offer a consistent, quality pallet at a competitive, stable price. The pallet manufacturing process has evolved, and so have we. We are proud of our ability to react to just-in-time orders and reduce our customer inventories. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff is ready to help reduce your wood packaging costs, while still offering you a top-quality product.

Your One-Stop Pallet Shop

As a Katy, Texas pallet manufacturer and supplier, our mix of product offerings includes new and used wood pallets, custom-sized wood pallets, wood shipping crates, heavy-duty pallets, and industrial lumber. We are proud to offer customer pallet inventory maintenance, just-in-time delivery, pallet design capabilities, and pallet heat treatment to meet ISPM 15 regulations. This combination of product offerings and service allows us to meet your needs promptly and efficiently.

Call us today at (832) 241-0079 for a quote on any of our pallet sales and supply services, as well as custom-sized pallets!