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Custom Pallets In Katy, Texas

Katy Pallets LLC offers custom pallets tailored to meet all your custom shipping and supply needs.

When Are Custom-Sized Wood Pallets More Economical Than Standard Pallets?

Custom-Sized Wood Pallets In Northwest Katy

Custom pallets are designed to meet the specific dimensions and weight requirements of the freight to be transported. If your freight package is smaller than the closest fitting standard pallet dimension, you risk losing too much space on the truck. With fewer pallets per truckload, you face the expense of extra trucks or runs to meet your shipping quotas.

Although the custom-sized wood pallets cost slightly more than standard-sized pallets, the savings in delivery runs save significantly more in trucking and transportation expenses. Fewer delivery runs save on driver expenses, gasoline, tolls, and equipment wear and tear. Faster deliveries to the distribution centers and ultimately to the customer is also a boom to the bottom line, as you could deliver greater quantities in less time, keeping your customers happy and asking for more.

Wood pallets are easy to customize to maximize trucking capacity while protecting the merchandise they carry. We don’t expect our customers to be experts in pallet design, which is why Katy Pallets LLC provides its custom-sized wood pallet consulting services to match the most efficient warehousing and shipping solutions given your racking, and durability requirements.

Our Expert Software Analysis Delivers…

  • Maximum load weight for a variety of wood species so your pallets can hold the weight of your heaviest product, which means your pallets last longer.
  • Durability analysis, life-cycle analysis, and amortization schedules so you know how long your pallets will last your business, which means you spend less money on pallets in the future.
  • CAD drawings and performance characteristics for each pallet design so you know exactly what your pallets look like and how they will perform, which means you know that you are getting exactly what you need.
  • Confidence in selecting the most cost-effective dimension, grade, and species for your pallet needs so you can completely customize your pallets for your business, which means that your pallets are perfectly designed to handle your business.

In addition to custom-designed pallets, we also offer custom painting, branding, and stenciling.

The Katy Pallets LLC Pallets Mission

Our mission is simple… offer a consistent, quality pallet at a competitive, stable price. The pallet manufacturing process has evolved, and so have we. We are proud of our ability to react to just-in-time orders and reduce our customer inventories. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff is ready to help reduce your wood packaging costs, while still offering you a top-quality product.

Your One-Stop Custom Pallets Shop

As a Katy, Texas pallet manufacturer and supplier, our mix of product offerings includes new and used wood pallets, custom-sized wood pallets, wood shipping crates, heavy-duty pallets, and industrial lumber. We are proud to offer customer pallet inventory maintenance, just-in-time delivery, pallet design capabilities, and pallet heat treatment to meet ISPM 15 regulations. This combination of product offerings and service allows us to meet your needs promptly and efficiently.

Call us today at (832) 241-0079 for a quote on any of our custom-sized wood pallet and custom wooden crates supply services!