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As a contractor, one of your biggest focuses is on your money. Just like any other job, you want to spend as little as necessary to get the things you need. If you are in the lumber industry, you know how expensive wood can be.

Wholesale Industrial Lumber Ordering From Katy Pallets LLC

At Katy Pallets LLC you deal directly with the experts – veteran buyers and sellers. Our customers receive priority performance in quality, selection, and delivery. Satisfaction guaranteed.

The Benefits Of Working With Katy Pallets LLC For Your Wholesale Industrial Lumber Ordering

  • Large Quantities Of Industrial Lumber & Plywood – When you go through a wholesale lumber supplier like Katy Pallets LLC, it is much easier to get a large amount of specialty lumber. Often times at retail lumber suppliers, you are only able to buy what they have available. They do not accept special requests, whereas we do.
  • Consistent Timely Shipments – Have you ever made a lumber run to one of the big box stores only to get there and they are out of the wood you need? With Katy Pallets LLC, the shipments are not only consistent, but they are always on time. You do not have to worry about not having your wood on time when you go with Katy Pallets LLC.
  • Reduced Costs – One of the biggest benefits of going with Katy Pallets LLC’s wholesale industrial lumber ordering is the reduced cost. Like we discussed earlier, everyone wants to save as much money as they can when they are a contractor. We are not only less expensive, but you get a high-quality product in comparison to a retail supplier.
  • More Specialized Product Information – Katy Pallets LLC also has a ton more information about the products we sell. We can tell you where the wood is from, when it was sourced, how to treat it, what it is most commonly used for, and more.
  • Better Service Overall – Not to say that you cannot have good experiences at retail lumber suppliers, we do not want to settle for just a good experience. At Katy Pallets LLC you get amazing service from the moment you call with a question or walk through the door to make a purchase.

Before you buy the lumber you need for your next job, contact the lumber experts at Katy Pallets LLC for more information. We can answer your questions about any of our products, arrange a delivery, and talk to you about pricing.

Your One-Stop Pallet Shop

Katy, Texas’ Number One Wholesale Industrial Lumber Ordering CompanyAs a Katy, Texas pallet manufacturer and supplier, our mix of product offerings includes new and used wood pallets, custom-sized wood pallets, wood shipping crates, heavy-duty pallets, and industrial lumber. We are proud to offer customer pallet inventory maintenance, just-in-time delivery, pallet design capabilities, and pallet heat treatment to meet ISPM 15 regulations. This combination of product offerings and service allows us to meet your needs promptly and efficiently.

Call us today at (832) 241-0079 for a quote on any of our wholesale industrial lumber and heavy-duty pallet supply services!