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New And Used Heat Treated Pallets For Sale In Katy, Texas

Katy Pallets LLC has certified new and used heat treated pallets for sale, ideal for your overseas shipping needs.

Heat Treated Pallets For International Shipping

In March of 2002, the United Nations passed the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) treaty. This treaty requires that all solid wood packaging, hardwoods and softwoods, be treated before it can be imported or shipped to any of the member countries that are part of this safety agreement. This agreement changed the pallet industry significantly. There are various ways of treating the wood for international shipping, but our heat-treatment method is best for the environment and produces a better pallet.

Certified New And Used Heat Treated Pallets For Sale From Katy Pallets LLC

We are an ISPM-15 state-certified heat treatment facility. Our certified Katy, Texas pallet heat treatment facility is expanding. The heat treatment kiln allows us to treat standard and custom-sized wood pallets for international shipping. As a pallet manufacturer specializing in producing custom pallets, we actively maintain our certification and are pleased to provide additional insight into our certification and facility.

All of our ISPM-15 new and used heat treated pallets are certified and ready for your use.

Why Heat-Treated Pallets

  • Safer For Your Employees – Our process does not include fumigation with methyl bromide. This creates a far safer working environment for everyone that comes in contact with the pallets.
  • ISPM-15 Certified – Our heat-treated pallets are ISPM 15 certified (with our unique ID #), inspected annually, and adhere to the strictest standards available.
  • Full Transparency – We are completely transparent about our process and make physical tours of our chambers and certification documents available upon request.

Protecting You And Your Customers

The heat treatment of wood shipping pallets and crates are important to the safety of your consumers, reducing the need for pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This sterilization process for treating the wood we mill, allows us to make pallets for a variety of industries – with a particular focus on the food and pharmaceutical industries. With this method of wood sterilization, wooden shipping pallets and wooden shipping crates are heated until they reach a minimum core temperature of 56 °C (132.8 °F) for at least 30 minutes.

The Katy Pallets LLC Mission

Our mission is simple… offer a consistent, quality pallet at a competitive, stable price. The pallet manufacturing process has evolved, and so have we. We are proud of our ability to react to just-in-time orders and reduce our customer inventories. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff is ready to help reduce your wood packaging costs, while still offering you a top-quality product.

Your One-Stop Pallet Shop

As a Katy, Texas pallet manufacturer and supplier, our mix of product offerings includes new and used wood pallets, custom-sized wood pallets, wood shipping crates, heavy-duty pallets, and industrial lumber. We are proud to offer customer pallet inventory maintenance, just-in-time delivery, pallet design capabilities, and pallet heat treatment to meet ISPM 15 regulations. This combination of product offerings and service allows us to meet your needs promptly and efficiently.

Call us today at (832) 241-0079 for a quote on any of our new and used heat-treated pallet sales and supply services!